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courtney contacted me about a month ago to photograph their engagement session. we first planned to do it, and had to reschedule do to weather. then we finally thought the weather was going to give us a break, then  the weather got even worse, and it forced us to wait almost a whole month to do their engagement session.  thankfully this day could not have been any more beautiful. the weather was perfect. the light was incredible. these two are so much fun. they basically danced the whole time, and lots of twirling was done. my kind of party! in total, there are over 200 images, and i tried my hardest to pick a few, but I still picked over 50. I couldn’t just choose a few. hope you enjoy!


I have been photographing this sweet family since allie had little canon in her belly. I photographed her maternity session, and even her birth (it was one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences of my life), Canon’s new born pictures, and finally now his one year old pictures. I love when clients become good pals. There were so many pictures. It was so hard to narrow them down!


sweet baby ivy.

I absolutely had so much fun photographing this beauty. |insert heart eyes emoji here|

This is my friend Joye’s baby. This is also a continuation of their family session when Josh and I went to spend the day with them. You can look at the session here. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Oh, and Joye’s talented husband, Joel made this amazing bed for the pictures! I wish I could have brought it home with me.


Josh and I spent a day with this sweet family. We went to take pictures of baby Ivy, but we also took family pictures. I will post the newborn photos of Ivy in a separate post.

Joye and I met through instagram, and I am so happy to be able to call her a friend now.  She is definitely a Proverbs 31 kind of lady. She loves her children and her husband and these pictures definitely show this.  One of my favorite posts that she has posted about her children was with one of my photos. She said, “My greatest gifts. Each one of them so unique, with giftings and callings as diverse as they are exceptional. And I pray that I will help them discover the spiritual gifts that God has entrusted them with, that I will help them recognize who they are in Christ Jesus, that their worth to Him is invaluable, that God has written a part for them in His story that no on else on earth can fill. This gift of motherhood is sacred and sanctifying. It’s hard and holy and humbling. And its always, always an honor.”  You can read all of her inspiring posts on her blog here.

I am so blessed to call you friend Joye, and so honored you asked me to capture your family through my photographs.

Story was my little helper while i was taking pictures of just Joye and Joel with Ivy, and I let her take my camera and take some pictures. This one is my favorite that she took.

 Meet the Maders. A very fun bunch . Haley and I went to the same elementary school, but have grown closer and closer as we have gotten older.   She came to me a few months ago about doing a surprise session with just her brother and sisters as a christmas present for her mama. She wanted to capture the precious moments that they had with their brother (a marine) before he goes out of town again . They also painted their faces like their favorite  family movie Braveheart which gave the pictures a special touch, and warmed their moms heart right up. I stitched up the flag in the photos by hand. The whole session was fun, and I laughed practically the whole time until my stomach hurt.  I am so happy that these pictures brought joy to this sweet family.