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I know I say this all the time, but I’ll just keep saying it: This is one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time. Actually, I think everything I photograph is my favorite. You’re ALL my favorite! No seriously, it’s true.

This engagement session was an absolute adventure. A fun adventure obviously.  We split this session up to two locations, because we got rained out the first time. As we were in the fields (those pictures are towards the bottom of this post) we just watched a giant black cloud inch towards us the whole time. Jillian and Dan are absolute troopers and decided they wanted to keep going and take as many pictures as we could. Yay for me!  All of the sudden, the clouds broke slightly to let enough lovely light through.  It was a dream. It didn’t last long. We started to get rained on right when we decided to call it a day. So thanks to the rain,  we had to reschedule the second part of the session for another day.  I honestly couldn’t have planned it better myself. I am so happy it rained, because we got to take these totally adorbz pictures in the french quarter!

Where do I even begin?

There is something that I tell every single one of our couples upon meeting them and going over the wedding timeline: Please do what you want to do. Throw all of the expectations out da window, and do what you want. Since weddings are supposed to be a true reflection of the couple then it should be what they want right? So if you do not want to do the tuxedo thing- then ditch it. If you want to have a morning wedding with breakfast food, chocolate milk on tap, and a donut food truck – YUM sounds DELISH. I vote YES! This is exactly what Jason and Olivia did. There wedding was a beautiful representation of their unique love and personalities.

Everything to the cake, vintage centerpieces, flowers, and to the adorable coffee mug wedding favors was simply perfect.

 Josh and I left this wedding knowing three things about Jason and Olivia:

Their love for Jesus is inspiring

Their love for each other is undeniable

and they are super… SUPER… fun!

We have been *dying* to photograph in this location ever since we discovered it by accident one day while we exploring the northshore.

Ok, so not only do we get excited when our friends ask us to photograph them, but we love … LOVE … it when we get to photograph friends AND when they are up for an adventure.

More sessions like this, please.

People often ask me who my favorite couple is, or what’s my favorite session I have ever photographed. Honestly, that is such a hard question to answer, because I truly do love every one that I photograph! But these two are definitely high up on the list if I had one. They were a dream to work with! We bonded over so many things, but especially over the fact that we both have cats. Haha! If you have been following me for a long time it is pretty obvious that I love cats, and especially love my cat, Desmond.  Rachel and I loved talking about our cats. I am hoping their cat makes an appearance at their wedding! 🙂

Ok anyway, back to the pictures.  We explored the fields and they picked wishing flowers at sunset. Josh and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their wedding this fall!!! I just have a feeling that it will be one of my favorite weddings ever. We are so grateful for these two. The beauty of their relationship shines out of these images. They are such a treasure.


today is a good day. after a long time of being burnt out on doing weddings, ross + rachel lit the fire of inspiration for me. i couldn’t be more thankful.

there wedding day was full of joy.  there was laughter from the moment ross saw his beautiful bride for the first time, while they were exchanging wedding vows,  to their first dance, and to their exit.  I enjoyed documenting their wedding day. I know you will smile as you scroll through these.

congratulations ross + rachel!

“life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it”

anne of green gables